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TC-093   10 Lug 1.5" Front Axle Cover Kit w/ Push-on Nut Covers w/ Flange
TC-094   10 Lug 1.5" Rear Axle Cover Kit w/ Push-on Bullet Style Nut Covers w/ Flange
FW6-120C   120 grit Flapwheel Shaped, Case Pack
FW6-120   120 grit Flapwheel Shaped/1 each
FW6-180C   180 Grit Flapwheel Shaped, Case Pack
FW6-180   180 Grit Flapwheel Shaped/1 each
VISS-122A   19.5 White Steer Buff Pad- 1 pc.
VISS-122B   19.5 Yellow Steer Buff Pad- 1 pc.
TC-025   2" Quick Change Disc, 60 Grit
TC-027   2" Quick Change Discs, 120 Grit
TC-028   2" Quick Change Discs, 180 Grit
TC-026   2" Quick Change Discs, 80 Grit
TC-035   2" Quick Change Discs, Blue
TC-033   2" Quick Change Discs, Coarse
TC-034   2" Quick Change Discs, Maroon (Pack of 50)
UN-3   2"x1" Flapwheel Kit -240 Grit/5 each
UN-2   2"x1" Flapwheel Kit- 180 Grit/5 each
UN-0   2"x1" Flapwheel Kit- 80 Grit/5 each
UN-1   2"x1" Flapwheel Kit-120 Grit/5 each
VISS-123A   22.5 White Steer Buff Pad- 1pc.
VISS-123B   22.5 Yellow Steer Buff Pad- 1pc.
FW6-220   220 Grit Flapwheel Shaped/1 each
FW6-220C   220 Grit Flapwheel Shaped/Case Pack
VISS-124A   24.5 White Steer Buff Pad- 1 pc.
VISS-124B   24.5 Yellow Steer Buff Pad- 1 pc.
FW6-280   280 Grit Flapwheel Shaped /1 each
FW6-280C   280 Grit Flapwheel Shaped Case Pack
FW6-320   320 Grit Flapwheel Shaped, /1 each
FW6-320C   320 Grit Flapwheel Shaped, Case Pack
UN-9   5" back-up hook 'n loop holder / 1 ea
UN-16   5" disc kit 100 grit / 50 ea
UN-5   5" disc kit 120 grit / 50 ea
UN-17   5" disc kit 220 grit / 50 ea
UN-7   5" disc kit 400 grit / 50 ea
UN-4   5" disc kit 80 grit / 50 ea
FW6-60   60 grit Flapwheel Shaped /1 each
FW6-60C   60 Grit Flapwheel Shaped, Case Pack
TC-040   8" Purple Airway Cotton Treated Buff (Primary Cut)
TC-042   8" Purple Airway Cotton Untreated Buff (Secondary Cut)
TC-043   8" White Airway Cotton Treated Buff (Secondary Cut)
TC-044   8" White Domet Flannel Buff (High Finish)
TC-041   8" Yellow Airway Treated Buff (Primary Cut)
FW6-80   80 Grit Flapwheel Shaped /1 each
FW6-80C   80 Grit Flapwheel Shaped, Case Pack
POL-084   A-Axis (small) Sensor
TC-077   ABS Rear Axle Cover Kit: Removable Cap, 10-Lug, 33mm Threaded w/ Flange
TC-047   Airway Buff Safety Flange
AR-441-11-01   Aussie Rimshine Wheel Clamp
POL-506   Blue Touch-Up Spray
POL-020   Buff Head Drive Belt
VISP-F-067   Buff Head Spindle Stud
BSN-12NF   Buff Spindle Nut
VISP-MA-05   Buffing Head Assembly
VISP-F-027   Buffing Wheel 8in Inside Mounting Plate
VISP-F-026   Buffing Wheel 8in Outside Mounting Plate
VISP-F-075(WP-A)   Clamp wear plate -A 176 mm / 4 ea
VISP-F-076(WP-B)   Clamp wear plate -B 192 mm / 4 ea
VISP-F-077(WP-C)   Clamp wear plate -C 223 mm / 4 ea
VISP-F-078(WP-D)   Clamp wear plate -D 276 mm / 4 ea
VISP-F-079(WP-E)   Clamp wear plate -E 286 mm / 4 ea
TC-045   Cotton Muslin 60-Ply 3/8"
TC-046   Cotton Muslin 60-Ply 5-Row Sewn
AR-412-16-50   Cutting Fleece-Red 50 pack
POL-030   Door Hinge
VIS-CAB-DLD   Download Cable 5m VIS-Check
VISP-F-052A   Drive Wheel Spindle Stud
BSN-20NF   Drive/Steer Spindle Nut
POL-031   Dual Ball Catch Assembly
TC-175a   Eraser Wheel Adaptor
FM-6   Flapwheel/Hand Prep Grease Tube/1 each
AR-261-22-03   Foam Heads 17.5x6” (10 stud)
AR-252-22-03   Foam Heads 19.5x7.5” USA (8 stud)
AR-203-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5 x 8025" Std Full Euro 335 pc
AR-204-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5 x 9 (335PCD)
AR-272-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x14x0” offset (US 285pcd SS)
AR-271-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x14x2”offset (US 285pcd SS)
AR-207-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x8.25” FULL (US 285pcd)
AR-202-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x8.25” std valve (Euro 335pcd)
AR-206-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x8.25”std valve (US 285pcd)
AR-205-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x9” FULL (Euro 335pcd BUS)
AR-209-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x9” FULL (US 285pcd BUS)
AR-208-22-03   Foam Heads 22.5x9”std valve(US 285pcd BUS)
AR-212-22-03   Foam Heads 24.5x8.25” FULL (US 285pcd)
AR-210-22-03   Foam Heads 24.5x8.25” std valve (US 285pcd)
AR-302-22-03   Front Foam Heads 22.5x8.25+9” (Euro 335pcd)
AR-301-22-03   Front Foam Heads 22.5x8.25” (US 285pcd)
AR-306-22-03   Front Foam Heads 22.5x9” (Euro 335pcd) “Accuride”
AR-305-22-03   Front Foam Heads 22.5x9” (US 285pcd)
AR-303-22-03   Front Foam Heads 22.5x9” offset (US 285pcd)
AR-304-22-03   Front Foam Heads 24.5x8.25” (US 285pcd)
AR-401-11-01   Front Wheel Adapter Frame
AR-462-20-32   Gord's Aluminum Polish 32oz
POL-507   Gray Touch-Up Spray
VIS-DHC   Hand Controller - Dual VIS-Check
VIS-SHC   Hand Controller - Single VIS-Check
VIS-CAB-HC-10   Hand Controller Cable 10m VIS-Check
VIS-CAB-HC-20   Hand Controller Cable 20m VIS-Check
FM-9   High Speed Color Bar-white / 20 Each
FM-8   High Speed Cut Bar -Brown / 20 Each
FM-4   High Speed Shine Bar-Blue /24 each
TC-036   Holder for Quick Change Sanding Disks
AR-413-19-12   Lambs Wool Tails-12 pack
TC-102   Leek-Seeker™ Mobile Model
TC-049   Metal Polish 32oz
AD25   Pneumatech Air Dryer 25 CFM
AR-411-16-50   Polishing Fleece-White 50 pack
VISP-MA-29   Rake Assembly w/ Bits
JLT-O   Raked Orange Buffs w/ center plates/12 pack
TC-137   Roadside Safety Triangles
POL-196   Shoe On Rim Sensor
POL-120   Shoe/Rim ID (fat) Sensor
TC-175   Smart Eraser Pad
VIS-SPL-10   Spotlight with 10 m Cable Price Drop!
VIS-SPL-20   Spotlight with 20 m Cable VIS-Check Price Reduced!
AR-432-11-03   Spring Kit 17.5"
AR-431-11-03   Spring Kit 22.5"
TC-001   Squirrel: Wheel Safety Device
TC-086   Stainless Steel Nut Covers 1.5" Bullet Style
TC-089   Stainless Steel Rear Hub Caps 8.25" x 72mm Diameter for 5/8" Stud Baby Moon Style
VISP-F-053A   Steer Wheel Spindle Stud
AR-422-21-06   Super Single Valve Wedges x6
AR-421-17-99   T Pins-100 pack
POL-144   Timing Belt
UHP-4   Universal Alum 19.5 LD 15 mm Bolt Hole Plugs
UHP-5   Universal Alum 31 mm Stud Pilot Bolt Hole Plugs
UHP-6   Universal Alum 32.87mm Bolt Hole Plug
HPO-4   Universal Aluminum 19.5 LD Plug O-Ring, Pack of 100
UHP-1   Universal Hub Pilot 26.5-26.7 mm Bolt Hole Plugs
HPO-1   Universal Hub Pilot Plug O-Ring, Pack of 100
HPO-2   Universal Hub Pilot Plug O-Ring, Pack of 100
UHP-2   Universal Stud Pilot Bolt Hole Plug
VIP-1   Valve Stem Insertion Plugs 0.382"
VIP-2   Valve Stem Insertion Plugs 0.453"
VIP-0   Valve Stem Plug Removal Tool
Vis-Window   Vis Check Inspection Stickers
VIS-270NG   VIS-Nitro 270
VIS-520NG   VIS-Nitro 520
WPK-1   VIS-Polish Hand Prep Starter Kit
VISS-082   VIS-Shine Abrasive Metal Polish 16oz
VISS-073   VIS-Shine Blue Steer Buff Replacement Pad- 1 pc.
VISS-081   VIS-Shine Cleaner with Pump- 32oz
VISS-120A   VIS-Shine Drive Wheel Terry Cloth Replacement Pad- 1 pc.
TC-048   VIS-Shine Metal Polish 16oz
VISS-074   VIS-Shine White Steer Buff Replacement Pad- 1 pc.
POL-1024LC   VIS-WheelRite 24" Rim Repair
VT   Volusion Test
TC-138   Wheel Chock
WPB-1   Wheel Prep Bench
WPB-1V   Wheel Prep Bench w/ Vacuum Connection
TC-096   Zephyr Pro-40 Metal Polish 16oz

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