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UN-4 80 Grit Prep Sanding Disk UN-5 120 Grit Prep Sanding Disk UN-6 240 Grit Prep Sanding Disk
UN-7 400 Grit Prep Sanding Disk FM-6 Sanding Prep Grease Tube UN-1 120 Grit Prep Flapwheel
UN-2 180 Grit Prep Flapwheel UN-3 240 Grit Prep Flapwheel UN-9 Prep Sanding Disk Holder
VIP-0 Valve Stem Plug Removal Tool VIP-1 Small Valve Stem Insertion Plugs 20 pieces VIP-2 Medium Valve Stem Insertion Plugs 20 per bag
UN-9A chuck Adapter UHP-4  19.5 Aluminum Bolt Hole Plugs with o-rings UHP-1 Hub Pilot Bolt Hole Plugs with o-rings
WPK-1 Polishing Hand Prep Starter Kit Fine Flapwheel 120 grit Medium Flapwheel
FW5-280 Fine Flapwheel WP-C Wear Plate -C UHP-2 Stud Pilot Bolt Hole Plugs with o-rings
FW8-60 60 grit Heavy Sanding Flapwheel FW8-180  Medium Grit Flapwheel This handy consumable rack is ideal for all of your sanding flapwheels and buff wheels.  Helps to keep your supplies in one central location.  (supplies shown on rack are not included).
FW8-80 80 grit Heavy Sanding Flapwheel FW5-320 Fine Flapwheel FW5-180 180 grit Medium Flapwheel
FW5-400 grit Finishing Flapwheel FW8-240 Fine Grit Flapwheel FW8-280 280 grit Fine Flapwheel