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80 Grit Prep Sanding Disk 120 Grit Prep Sanding Disk 240 Grit Prep Sanding Disk
400 Grit Prep Sanding Disk Sanding Prep Grease Tube UN-1 120 Grit Prep Flapwheel
UN-2 180 Grit Prep Flapwheel UN-3 240 Grit Prep Flapwheel Prep Sanding Disk Holder
VIP-0 Valve Stem Plug Removal Tool VIP-1 Small Valve Stem Insertion Plugs 20 pieces VIP-2 Medium Valve Stem Insertion Plugs 20 per bag
UN-9A chuck Adapter UHP-4  19.5 Aluminum Bolt Hole Plugs with o-rings UHP-1 Hub Pilot Bolt Hole Plugs with o-rings
WPK-1 Polishing Hand Prep Starter Kit Fine Flapwheel 120 grit Medium Flapwheel
FW5-280 Fine Flapwheel WP-C Wear Plate -C UHP-2 Stud Pilot Bolt Hole Plugs with o-rings
FW8-60 60 grit Heavy Sanding Flapwheel FW8-180  Medium Grit Flapwheel FW8-80 80 grit Heavy Sanding Flapwheel
FW5-320 Fine Flapwheel FW5-180 180 grit Medium Flapwheel FW5-400 grit Finishing Flapwheel
FW8-240 Fine Grit Flapwheel FW8-280 280 grit Fine Flapwheel FW6-320 Extra Fine Flapwheel for finishing